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Literary Agent-Assisted Book Success System
If you are queried-out, but not resigned, 
then this may be for you
For Accepted Proposals, Professionals Will Develop Your
Manuscript, Proposal, and Platform Text in Consultation with You
Did you envision your novel being picked up by a large, traditional publisher?Are you tired of shopping your novel or nonfiction book from one literary agent to another without much interest or help? And, how can you build a platform when you do not have a book to promote?
  Consider working with me, Timothy Staveteig, literary agent at My Book Agent. For authors I think I can help:
    • I will develop a plan for us to revise and edit your manuscript. Make it "fiction on fire" by focusing on premise, scenes, dialogue, deep Point of View, and other techniques.
    • I will help you build an eBook. Earn more commission on an exclusive $3.99 sale through Amazon than on a paperback sold at $20 through a bookstore.
    • You will pay no agent's fees on eBook sales. The traditional 15 percent agent's commission is charged only when a traditional publisher picks up the hardback or paperback (or other) rights. 
    • You will own all of the production files. Your work can be registered with the Copyright Office and Library of Congress (although I recommend letting your publisher do this)
    • You can  receive a free ISBN from Reader Reach Media or secure your own ISBN
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    Reverse the Usual Objections

    * They say: "You don't have a platform."

    * Therefore, they are unsure about your book's sales potential, so

    * They cannot adopt your proposal for a book.


    * If you have an eBook and financial supporters, then, 

    * You can garner contributions and make sales, and thus 

    * You can build a platform of followers

    Top Five Benefits

    1. Get a literary agent to work with you and build your sales case.

    2. Shave 12 to 24 months off the adoption and income processes.

    3. Build your platform with funders who make contributions or pre-order copies.

    4. Earn commissions on eBook sales.

    5. Reserve bookstores and similar outlets for your traditional publisher.

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